La #canzone del #bambino #migrante

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La Canzone del bambino Migrante, by Psycopath

La Canzone del bambino Migrante by Psycopath, released 04 March 2018 e nn mi importa di te di tutto il male che fai so solamente che urli gridi sbotti e nn convinci non mi interessa che fai, o cosa mai mangerai non mi interessa se quella tua troietta ti ha

Gli Psycopath finalmente hanno prodotto qualcosa che va oltre la semplice canzone, è una storia, una storia costruita da tutti i #migranti morti in questi anni nel mondo e non solo sulle nostre coste.

Gli Psycopath hanno scelto di ricordare Aylan Kurdi, bimbo che è anneggato sulle coste del mediterraneo, e pare che tutti abbiano dimenticato quei terribili momenti, quando la guardia costiera raccolse il corpo senza vita di un bambino Aylan Kurdi che voleva semplicemente vivere…

fatevi i conti con questi crimini cari i nostri politici, continuate pure ad invadere le nostre terre, continuate ad abusare del vostro potere e continuate pure a nascondervi dietro le vostre menzogne, non ci sono punizioni appropriate per i vostri #crimini contro l’umanità #humansright

Vi lascio all’ascolto della canzone a breve uscirà il video


Psycopaths have finally produced an “opera” it is beyond the simple protest song, this is a story built by all #migrants who died in these years in the world and not only on our shores.

The Psycopath have chosen to remember Aylan Kurdi, a child who is drowned on the shores of the Mediterranean and it seems that everyone has forgotten those terrible moments when the Coast Guard picked up the lifeless body of a child who simply wanted to live…

To deal with these crimes dear our politicians, this is your duty, continue to invade our lands, continue to abuse your power and continue to hide behind your lies, there are no appropriate punishments for your crimes against Humanity #Humansright

The song is already available on #bandcamp and shortly will be released the video

Song of a migrant child

And I don’t care about you about all the evil you represent I just know that your screaming voice doesn’t buy it you are yelling and not convincing

I don’t care what you do, or what will you eat I don’t care if your little skank dumped you

Remember, for everything you say there’s going to be one big heart and you know it

That heart will destroy you as much as waves in the middle of the ocean

For all you do I can not blame you and you know you can not kill those who already died ten thousand times

You’re having fun sending people a there or here, you stop them like rafts floating in the middle of the sea.

Meanwhile you show me your breakfast on twitter sharing Nutella and jam with the whole Italy

for all the crimes you did there will be a big heart waiting for you on the shore For all you do I can not blame you and you know you can not kill those who already died ten thousand times

And when the game will be tougher there will be angreater heart within me to Throw in the air all my indifference for you

Now you are licking your other half and we all know.. the dead that are here are just casualties

I’m agonizing now Butr i swear on my own life NO PSARA EL CAPITAN I there is a migrant in the ocean

For all the evil you do you will crush on a heart as big as the sky but you can change if ignorance is your dance.

Aylan Kurdi

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