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Podcast – Streets of Fire by MMFarinato aka Pigna & los angeles

when i produce my videos i need music and sometimes i fool around with my guitar that’s it. This is my blog www.mfarinato.com

Sauro Borgia @Pigna-Bar podcast session 2 by MMFarinato aka Pigna & los angeles

Sauro Borgia a borderline artist with strong Italian roots, no way to be redeemed, Sauro dance with his music over the clouds with his piano, i can just imagine him in his own world creating his funny and magical paradise. Sauro Borgia Italian actor is here @pigna-bar for our second podcast of the season…

Session One – Podcast Presenting Gianfranco LoSchiavo by MMFarinato aka Pigna & los angeles

Rock, rock and more rock! This guitar is crying… Gianfranco was whispering while an old italian bumpy road was cradling us way back home. Gianfranco is an Italian guitarist very talented with a unique perception of the world… reason why his song “Trovati a Parlare” is the pure old Italian rock…